The AIBI Congress offers sponsorship opportunities for partners wishing to enhance their visibility during the event. Sponsorship opportunities are open to all involved in the bakery chain business. Sponsors will enjoy a range of benefits, depending on the sponsorship package. Some packages include an exhibition area slot.

For details about on sponsorship packages and availability please contact the organisers.



Puratos is an international group, which offers a full range of innovative food ingredients and services for the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors.


It serves artisans, retailers, industrial and food service companies in over 100 countries around the world. Its eadquarters are located in Belgium, where the company was founded in 1919.

Puratos believes that food has extraordinary power in people’s lives. The company does not take such responsibility lightly. This is why Puratos aims to help customers be successful with their business, by turning technologies and experiences gathered from food cultures around the world into new opportunities. Together, Puratos and its customers can move the planet forward by creating innovative food solutions for the health and well-being of people everywhere. For further information, visit www.puratos.com.


Lesaffre, a major world player in fermentation for over a century with a turnover of 2.7 billion euros, is established on every continent and employs 11,000 people of 96 nationalities. 


Drawing on our experience and diversity, we work with customers, partners and researchers to find ever more relevant solutions to the needs of nutrition, health, naturalness and respect for our environment. Every day, we explore and reveal the infinite potential of yeast and micro-organisms. 

Providing healthy food for 9 billion people by 2050, using the planet’s resources as efficiently as possible, is a major and unprecedented challenge. We believe that fermentation is one of the most promising answers to this challenge.



Mecatherm is a leading French company in the industrial bakery, pastry, and patisserie sector. Our mission for over 60 years has been to make life easier for our customers. We guarantee high-quality products, deliver unwavering industrial performance, and innovate new sustainable developments, with a heavy focus on supporting energy transition. We also pride ourselves on establishing long-lasting partnerships with our customers.


Our team provides manufacturers with top-notch service, from after-sales support to connected services. MECATHERM’s commitment ensures seamless operations and peace of mind.

With a global presence in over 70 countries and more than 900 automatic production lines serviced, we are dedicated to helping customers unlock new opportunities in the industrial sector. Manufacturers of the bakery, pastry and patisserie sector can trust MECATHERM to be by their side; their success is our success.



American Pan is a family-owned business and the world’s leading provider of custom and stock baking pans, pan coatings, and pan refurbishment services.


We are proud to maintain a strong presence and dedicated facilities in Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, and the USA.

Our custom baking pans are designed and manufactured to your exact specifications. With expert engineering, advanced tooling capabilities, and several state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we can create custom pans to suit any bakery’s needs. Our commitment to excellence results in pans of legendary performance and durability. Pans are available uncoated or coated with one of our proprietary, industry-leading coatings. Our revolutionary innovations, including the ePAN®, SMART Pan Tracking® System and TabLock tray designs, are saving bakeries valuable time, energy, and resources.

For more information, please visit americanpan.com or email us at .




BÖCKER – the sourdough expert

Böcker is one of the leading suppliers of natural sourdough products that improve the flavour and texture of baked goods.


As early as 1910, company founder Ernst Böcker, a pioneer from the very beginning, was developing fermentation methods that set the standards for safe sourdough processes and which are still used in the industry today. His first pure-culture sourdough starters became the basis for many more patents and for a globally active company that is managed by the Böcker family in its fourth generation and is still an innovation leader.

Today’s product range comprises more than 160 different sourdough products, specialty bakery mixes and ready-baked gluten-free products

More than 190 specialized professionals are committed to the development, production and sale of the products. They also research innovations for tomorrow, develop recipes and processes for the bakery trade and provide advice and assistance to the entire industry from the international sourdough centre of excellence.



Philibert Savours is a family-owned French company that has been manufacturing sourdoughs and technical ingredients for bakery-viennoiserie-pâtisserie professionals for over 40 years. As the French leader in liquid sourdough, Philibert Savours has always made taste its priority and relies on 100% French and natural production and products.


Committed to its mission, “Better food to respect Humans and Nature”, the company is structured around a Research & Development Institute, an Innovation & Application Centre and a Quality department serving 4 trades: fermentation, dehydration, formulation and packaging.

Eco-responsibility is at the heart of the company and is deeply rooted in its philosophy. The teams work together on a daily basis to implement this mission for the benefit of its ingredients and customers: from the sourcing of raw materials (CRC® or Organic) to the formulation of new recipes (healthy and balanced), via more ecological production processes (waste recovery and a less energy-consuming production centre).





Rademaker develops and provides innovative solutions as a supplier of food processing equipment for bakeries. As a family company with nearly 50 years of experience, Rademaker has acquired a vast knowledge of bakery products and their production technology.


Our core business revolves around (tailormade) production lines for industrial and semi-industrial bakeries, as well as providing turnkey solutions globally. Beyond the installation of bakery production lines, our commitment extends to comprehensive services that mirror our enthusiasm, passion and commitment to our customers and their products.

We firmly believe in the power of close cooperation and partnership as essential ingredients for achieving success. At Rademaker, customers discover an innovative partner in both technical and technological aspects, providing guidance from initial product concept to full-scale production.

Find out how we put our passion and knowledge for food and technology to work!





Bringing ingredients to life.

Spiromatic is a leading innovator in automated ingredient handling solutions for the food industry.


Our expertise lies in providing precise and efficient systems for ingredient storage, ensuring optimal freshness and accuracy. We specialize in fully automated processes, delivering seamless integration and reliability throughout production lines.

From sourdough and sponge systems to dough rework solutions, we offer tailored systems designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, Spiromatic is dedicated to elevating ingredient handling processes to new heights, ensuring consistent quality and excellence in food production.



HEUFT Industry is part of the renowned HEUFT Group, founded 300 years ago. Our core competency is the design of large custom-fit automated thermal oil ovens.


HEUFT Industry combines industrial power and quality craftsmanship. All our market-leading Thermal-Oil ovens are highly energy efficient and 100 % Made in Germany. Our business is worldwide, our quality standards are known to be the best.

We are drivers of innovation in the baking world, but we still believe in a handshake between business partners. We always strive for nothing less than perfection and this reflects in our customers superior baking quality that is reproducible without any fluctuations at all, even with the highest quantities.

HEUFT and Thermal-Oil have become synonymous in the industry, as an innovation leader in more than 30 countries. Our intelligent and sustainable heating technology defines a new and greener future for our customers. A HEUFT Thermal-Oil oven reacts to desired temperature requirements with a high degree of speed and thus saves energy. The reason: The heat storage capacity of thermal oil is up to 2,700 times higher than that of other heat carriers. The energy savings allow you to achieve a faster return on investment. Moreover, the physical advantages have a positive effect on quality. The heat is transferred evenly and gently to the product, prevents it from drying out and extends the freshness period.

Let us impress you with our cross-generational experience as the world market leader in the field of thermal oil ovens – which we also offer as turnkey solutions, together with our strong partners.




iba – The world’s leading trade fair for the baking and confectionery industry is held every three years in its usual rotation at Fairground Munich.


The trade fair brings together all the products and technologies that are relevant to bakers and confectioners of all sizes, decision-makers from the bakery and confectionery industries and food retailers. The range of topics includes from raw materials, ingredients and frozen bakery products through production and packaging technology, process optimization and information technology to complete interior design of bakeries, pastry shops or cafés.

57,000 trade visitors from 150 countries came to iba 2023. 1,073 companies from 46 countries presented themselves. To continuously offer the baking industry a stage, iba will once again take place from 18 to 22 May 2025, then at the Fairground Düsseldorf. From 2027 onwards, iba will again be held every three years in autumn at the Fairground Munich.



Kempf GmbH is a medium-sized family business that has been specialized in “Bakeware & Coatings” for 50 years. Our highly qualified staff and ultra-modern production facilities enable us to offer premium quality and excellent service at fair prices.


Kempf – Market Leader in Europe for Bakeware and non-stick Coatings

Our standard product range includes perforated and non-perforated baking trays, industrial system trays, baguette trays, tin sets, baking & storage racks, slatted trays and peelboards. We also provide high-grade and durable non-stick coatings, tailored to your specific requirements. We love challenges! Please feel free to contact us (KONTAKT | Kempf GmbH Bakeware & Coating Rohrbach).

To stand still is to fall behind. This is why we continuously optimize our products and manufacturing processes to continue to guarantee maximum flexibility for special customer requirements, premium quality at fair prices and prompt processing of orders.