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37th AIBI Congress
Bled, Slovenia, 16-18 June 2022

Around 120 delegates from 15 countries participated in the Congress of the International Association of Plant Bakers (AIBI), from 16 to 18 June 2022 in Bled, Slovenia, which was organized by AIBI and Slovenian Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises. Janez Bojc, who chaired AIBI from 2019 to 2022, emphasized at the opening, that after a period of virtual events, this congress was a unique opportunity to meet representatives of the international bakery value chain and to obtain new contacts, ideas and solutions for the further development of a resilient and sustainable bakery industry.

How to manage major changes, ensure food security and at the same time ensure sustainable development? The congress provided answers to questions about how international bakery companies strategically tackle these challenges and offered insight into new technologies and the operation of value chains.

In cooperation more than 20 prominent lecturers and experts, as well as leading representatives of international baking companies, the congress also focused on sustainability, as the center of global trends and political directions of the European Union, and on innovation, which is a key enabler of the successful development of the baking industry.

What they say about it

Frank Kleiner -CeO Harry Brot-

“I‘m absolutely convinced, that for consumers bread and bakery products are even higher regarded after the current crisis. If bakers are agile and willing to adopt new opportunities, they will have a great and long lasting future.”

Didier Boudy -Ceo Mademoiselle Dessert-

After several years without meeting with our peers this congress felt like a relief! The quality of the attendees, the genuine interest of each panel, the utility of the networking sessions and the perfect organisation of the relaxing moments made this event just perfect. Many thanks to the organizing team.

Robert O’Boyle -Managing Director Delifrance-

“It was great to be able to gather again as an industry, post Covid, to discuss and share on the both short term tensions and supply chain challenges and the long term challenge on sustainability, with innovation – thanks to all the AIBI team for a great Congress!”

Pierre Tossut -CeO Puratos-

“The AIBI Congress offers a unique opportunity to exchange vision and experiences across the bread value chain, to grow together in a direction that is good for the planet and good for the people.”

Guido Vanherpe – CeO LLBG-

“The bakery industry has strong local roots, but should also be up to its international, political and social agenda. The AIBI congress is not only a place for industry leaders to meet, but also an important opportunity to share and get trends into industry key developments, which resonates over the entire value chain.”

Jean-Manuel Leveque – President Novepan-

“I do believe than more than ever, the European construction is key for our continent, and that AIBI’s role is pivotal to represent our Industry in a period which has never met so many challenges, including raw materials volatile markets, energy crisis, and its potential impact on bread consumption. The AIBI congress is a key hub for our industry, to reinforce the links between the national federations, with the authorities, with our chain partners, and with CEOs of large and smaller companies, and to pursue the development international partnerships, which has started with a very fruitful connection with the American Bakers Association in the US and colleagues in Latin America.”

Josep Serret -Group Operations Director Europastry-

“I was pleasurably impressed by the level of the speakers, presentations were at a really high level with the content focussed on today’s needs. At the same level was the excellent organization, who takes care of having slots for networking, giving the opportunity to get in touch with the key players in this sector.”

Olivier Sergent – President Mecatherm-

“The AIBI Congress 2022 in Bled, Slovenia, was an excellent edition. It was a great program, well organized, and full of energy. I particularly value the quality of the discussions and high-level topics covered during the event. The market has many challenges to tackle, and it is important that all actors of the European bread value chain meet regularly and share their views to explore solutions together, grow together, and continue building a resilient and more sustainable baking industry.”