Pierre Nierhaus

Hospitality Trend Expert

Pierre Nierhaus

Hospitality Trend Expert


Pierre Nierhaus is the hospitality trend expert in the German-speaking world. He regularly visits all major cities around the world and advises clients in the hospitality and other service-oriented sectors.

His clients include Edeka, Kamps (where he co-developed the bakery concept), many hotel companies and department stores; in Switzerland Spr√ľngli, Migros, Roche …; in Austria Interspar …

He regularly gives lectures in German-speaking countries – but also in London, Kiev, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Vienna, Moscow, Zurich, Bangkok, etc.

He regularly takes his clients on trend expeditions to 15 cities worldwide – including New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin, Hong Kong, Chicago, Las Vegas… and 8-10 times a year to London alone.



22 May 2024

On the Market & Trend Expedition Hamburg with trend expert Pierre Nierhaus, you will visit exciting and representative properties in Hamburg’s bakery and catering scene.

How does the bakery scene work – what influence does catering have?

Trend expert Pierre Nierhaus has put together a tour that will take you to various locations and show you the latest innovations and classics in the industry.
There will be small snacks in between.

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Market tour (optional)

22 May 2024